California Registered Agent

Registered Agents of California: $50 a Year

A California registered agent is appointed by California corporations and LLCs to accept service of process and legal correspondence on behalf a business. This is a legal requirement under the California Corporations Code for all businesses operating in the state.

Registered Agents of California offers:

  • Instant Service
  • Secure Digital Client Portal for Storing and Managing Docs & Compliance
  • Year Round Compliance Monitoring w/Our Sophisticated Tracking Software
  • Customized Registered Agent Service to Fit Your Needs
  • Same-Day Uploads of All Service of Process & Legal Correspondence
  • Use of Our Commercial Address for State Business Filings
  • Access to Our Database of CA Business Filings & Filing Guides
  • Reliable Customer Support from Local CA Compliance Experts

Let’s be honest. You need a California registered agent. It’s the law. What you don’t need is a bunch of hidden fees, per-doc charges, or “introductory” prices that skyrocket next year. You don’t need gimmicks or hassles from sales staff making commission on selling you add-on services.

We don’t try to sell you fluff. If you want extras, you can order them anytime. Otherwise, we won’t hound you. You know your business. You don’t need us to tell you what you need to manage your company.

No Third-Party Outsourcing
  • We Don’t Outsource to 3rd Party Services
  • We Manage Our Own CA Registered Office
  • We Oversee Every Step of the Statutory Agent Process

To save money, most California registered agents outsource to third-party contractors. We never do. To ensure you get quality registered agent service, we run our own office and control every step of the process.

Enhanced Data Security
  • We Employ an In-House Data Security Team
  • We Have Built Our Own Digital Security Network
  • We Never Sell Your Data to Third-Party Collectors

We live in an uncertain world, and your private business data deserves the highest level of digital security. Our security experts have built a sophisticated in-house system and we have staff on-call around the clock to monitor and secure your data.

Real Realtionships With the SOS
  • We Work Closely Every Day With the Secretary of State
  • We Know Each of the 350 Employees Who Handle Business Filings
  • We Know Who to Contact for Every California Filing

Business filings is like any other business: it’s all about who you know. Our own filing staff is made up of former Secretary of State filers, which gives us an intimate understanding of how the SOS works. We know exactly which filers will receive your documents and how best to follow up with them to ensure your filings are handled quickly and efficiently every time.

Custom Service: You’re Not Just a Number

We understand every client may be different, so we try hard not to cram you into our box. You tell us how to customize your registered agent service experience, and the odds are your filing solutions portal already has the ability to do just what you’ve dreamed of:

  • Want us to notify your lawyer whenever we accept service of process?
  • Want us to notify a business partner or spouse?
  • How often do you want annual report notifications?
  • What kind of compliance update method do you prefer?
  • Want to list our registered office address on your state business filings?
  • Want to receive mail at our office?

California Statutory Compliance and More

As your California registered agent, our duty is to help your business maintain statutory compliance. When we accept official notifications, service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of your LLC or corporation, we upload those documents into your digital account the same day they arrive. We contact you immediately, ensuring that you have instant access to your legal and official documents.

But we offer more than just compliance notices and updates. We also provide:

  • DIY California Business Filing Guides to Help Save You $$ on Filings
  • California Business Formation Service
  • Annual and Biennial Statement of Information Filing Service
  • Scanning of All Business Mail
  • Business Setup Extras (EIN, Apostille, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.)
  • Corporate Book and Seal
  • Corporate Documents (Meeting Minutes, Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Shareholder Certificates, etc.)

Our goal is to be more than just your California registered agent service. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for California business formation, compliance and filings.

California Registered Agent FAQ

What is a California Statutory Agent?

California registered agents go by a lot of names. It’s like being an international spy, but without all the intrigue, travel, or James Bond stunts. Here are some of the terms that refer to our service:

  • California Agent for Service of Process
  • California Corporate Agent
  • California Registered Corporate Agent
  • California Resident Agent

No matter what you call us, we provide the same service.

Can I Appoint an Agent Without Consent?

Well, no. But seriously: why would you want to?

When you appoint us as your California registered agent, we accept legal correspondence, service of process and official State notifications on your behalf. We work for you to make sure you remain compliant with the law. If you appoint a California registered agent without consent, they would never know you were a client. Which means your documents go straight in the trash. Yikes!

What Are the Legal Requirements for Registered Agents?

California registered agents are required by law to:

  • Maintain a California registered office (a physical address, not a PO box)
  • Keep regular business hours all year long
  • Maintain a California mailing address
  • Accept service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of clients
  • Contact clients when documents are accepted
  • Forward documents to clients in a timely manner

How Do I Change a California Registered Agent?

You can change a California registered agent at any time by filing a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State. Corporations can file online. LLCs must file a paper form.

Fees to change a California registered agent depend on your business type and whether or not you are filing the Statement of Information inside or outside your normal filing window.


  • Inside Filing Window: $25
  • Outside Filing Window: No Fee


  • Inside Filing Window: $20
  • Outside Filing Window: No Fee

Can an LLC Be Its Own Registered Agent?

Not in California. State law specifically forbids LLCs from serving as registered agents in California.

Do You Charge More for High-Volume Clients?


No matter how much correspondence we receive on behalf of your business, we charge you the same amount each year. Our rates don’t go up, and we have no per-doc fees.

We serve many high-volume clients who get dozens of services of process each year. One of the reasons they remain satisfied with our service is because we don’t charge them extra for handling their correspondence.

How Does the SOS Know My Registered Agent?

When you appoint a California registered agent, you make this designation on official formation documents which are filed with the Secretary of State. For LLCs, this document is called Articles of Organization. For corporations, it is called Articles of Incorporation.

The only other way to inform the Secretary of State is if you are changing agents, in which case you file your Statement of Information and make the change there.