Maintaining a California Business

So you’ve formed your California business. Now what? Besides getting down to actual business, you’ll need to do a few things to maintain your good standing with the California Secretary of State and other agencies.

In California, business maintenance starts almost immediately. Within 90 days of forming a corporation or LLC, you must file an Initial Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State. After that, you have to file a Statement of Information every year (for California corporations) or every other year (for California LLCs). It costs $20 to the file the California Statement of Information.

When you hire us to serve as your California registered agent, we send annual or biennial reminders as part of our service to help keep you on track. When you hire us to form your California corporation or LLC, we’ll also file that Initial Statement of Information for you and send reminders.

While maintaining your California business, there are other issues that are bound to come up. Here are some of our free guides to keeping your California business compliant and in good standing.


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