Form a California LLC

California LLC Formation: $240 Total

At Registered Agents of California, we provide affordable, fast LLC formation with a commitment to protecting your privacy. Our staff of California business experts will handle each step of your LLC formation, so you can rest assured that rookie mistakes won’t slow you down.

  • Prepared and Submitted Articles of Organization (1-Day Processing)
  • a California Business Address
  • Free Custom Business Documents (Operating Agreement, Resolutions, etc.)
  • Secure Digital Client Portal for Managing Filings & Service of Process
  • 1-Year Registered Agent Service
  • Biennial LLC Report Reminders
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, No Upsells

Protecting Your Private Information

If you hire us to form your LLC, we’ll provide you with a California business address at no extra charge.

When you form an LLC in California, the Secretary of State requires you to list a business address on your Articles of Formation. The address must be a physical street address located in California. For businesses that don’t operate out of a dedicated commercial space, listing a business address can present a real problem. If you list your home address as your business address, the Secretary of State’s office will post your home address on their website. Once you give up the privacy of your home address, it’s hard to gain it back. You’ll start getting junk mail and you probably won’t stop getting it for many years.

There’s also the issue of your LLC’s reputation. If you move, you’ll have to update the Secretary of State with your new address. Move a few times, and your record will show that your business has changed locations multiple times — a potential red flag to many customers or clients. Using our permanent business address ensures that even if you move, your business’s online record will show a consistent, permanent business address. This can lend credibility to your California LLC’s reputation.

We also promise to never sell your private information to marketers.

Transparent Pricing

Service Fee
Articles of Organization State Fee $90 (includes Initial Statement of Information fee)
Our LLC Filing Fee $100
1 Year Registered Agent Service $50
Total $240

How Our California LLC Process Works

  1. You place an order to start a California LLC and give us some basic information. Our signup form is straightforward and easy to fill out.
  2. Our expert filing staff prepares your Articles of Organization. We submit your Articles of Organization to the California Secretary of State within one day.
  3. We list our California business address on your Articles of Organization at no extra charge. This keeps your home address off the public record.
  4. California turn around time for online LLC filings is 5 days. You can also choose the 3 day filing option, which involves our office sending a runner to deliver your documents straight to California’s Secretary of State office in Sacramento.
  5. We provide California registered agent service for your business for the next year. We will send you a renewal notice at the end of one year ($50 per year — our prices don’t go up). If you are unhappy with our service, you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

California LLC Experts

At Registered Agents of California, we understand how confusing it can be to start a business. We also know how frustrating it can be to hire a big corporation for formation service only to find that it’s impossible to actually get a person to pick up the phone when you have a question.

This isn’t the case at Registered Agents of California. We answer the phone. Our California business experts are ready to talk you through any points of confusion you encounter.

If you are not happy with our service, you may cancel at any time. We never charge cancellation fees. We hope that you will always contact us and allow us the opportunity to fix any mistakes on our part. We believe that when the customer is unhappy, then we have fallen short and will always work harder to make things right.

How We Keep our LLC Price Low

What’s the catch? That’s the question we get from many of our prospective clients who think our prices sound too good to be true.

The answer? There’s no catch. We don’t charge hidden fees, we don’t hit you with add-ons, and we don’t sell your data to third parties! How do we keep our prices low?

  1. We don’t outsource. Unlike conglomerates who outsource your business to law firms or accounting offices, all our filings and registered agent work is done right here in our Redding, California office.
  2. We work hard to earn your trust. We want you to keep coming back, year after year. So we try to earn your business.

A lot of companies charge extra for anything above and beyond, like operating agreements, resolutions, membership certificates, and a California business address. Not us. We think everything you need should be included when you hire us.


Is a California LLC Right For You?

Deciding on what type of California business entity to form is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your business. Forming a California LLC has quite a few advantages, especially for small-business owners.

Advantages of Forming a California LLC 

Fewer Formalities

LLCs have far fewer corporate formalities when compared to corporations. There is no Board of Directors, no corporate officers, no annual shareholder meetings, and fewer financial reporting requirements. For ease of management, no entity is as appealing as the California LLC (you can even form a single-member LLC).

Flexible Taxation

A California LLC is considered a “pass-through” entity, which means that LLC members pay California LLC taxes on their profits when they file their personal income tax returns. The LLC itself does not pay any taxes (although there is an $800 Franchise Tax that all California businesses must pay each year). A corporation, on the other hand, must pay taxes on an entity level, and then pay taxes again on all distributions to shareholders.

Simple Maintenance

LLCs in California must file a Statement of Information every two years, while corporations must file every year. The fee is only $20, which makes it one of the lowest maintenance fees in the country. There is an $800 Franchise Tax payment that becomes due every year, but corporations must pay it, too. There are no other maintenance requirements for California LLCs.

Free California Business Documents

At Registered Agents of California, after we set up a California LLC, we provide all of our clients with custom business documents when they order our formation service. Many formation companies charge between $50 and $75 per document — we provide our business documents at no extra cost.

Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is the document which determines the ownership and management of your California LLC. This is an internal document written by your members. It is not filed with any government agency.

Your Operating Agreement lists the names and addresses of your members, the initial capital contribution each member made to the company, their ownership percentages, as well as their rights and responsibilities. The Agreement should also address how ownership can be bought and sold, and how you can dissolve your LLC.

The Operating Agreement also lays out broad management structure: your initial managers and their rights and responsibilities. How, when, and where meetings will be held should also be covered in your Operating Agreement.

We provide you with a custom template that’s easy to tailor to your specific LLC.

LLC Resolutions

After you start a California LLC, you can write resolutions authorizing your company or specific members to engage in a particular action on behalf of your business. For example, you may write a resolution authorizing one of your members to open credit accounts at a local bank. Or you may write a resolution authorizing the purchase of property by your LLC.

Membership Certificates

After you set up a California LLC, you must issue member certificates, which are evidence of ownership in your company. Each member receives a certificate with the name of the company, the name of the member, the member’s ownership share, and any other information your members deem necessary.

Meeting Minutes

Your LLC will hold member meetings throughout the year. It is crucial that an official record of these meetings is kept, especially whenever your members are called upon to pass a vote. Minutes are official records kept by your Secretary.

Still Have Questions?

Starting a California LLC is a major undertaking. It shouldn’t be done lightly. If you still have questions, please feel free to give our California business experts a call or send us an email. We check all of our emails the same day they arrive. We’ll return your call or message within one business day.