Form a California LLC

Same-Day Filings
California LLC Formation: $240 Total

At Registered Agents of California, we provide the fastest California LLC set up service at the most affordable price in the industry. Every step of your LLC formation is handled by our expert filing staff. No other company offers the same package at this price. Shop around. We think you’ll agree.

  • Prepared and Submitted Articles of Organization (1-Day Processing)
  • a California Business Address
  • Free Custom Business Documents (Operating Agreement, Resolutions, etc.)
  • Secure Digital Client Portal for Managing Filings & Service of Process
  • 1-Year Registered Agent Service
  • Biennial LLC Report Reminders
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Custom Compliance Reminders
  • No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, No Upsells

Transparent Pricing

Service Fee
Articles of Organization State Fee $90 (includes Initial Statement of Information fee)
Our LLC Filing Fee $100
1 Year Registered Agent Service $50
Total $240

How Our California LLC Process Works

  1. You place an order to start a California LLC.
  2. Our expert filing staff prepares and submits your Articles of Organization. We process your Articles within one business day.
  3. The California Secretary of State will process your Articles and form a California LLC within around 12 business days (expedite options are available).
  4. We provide California registered agent service for your business for the next year. We will send you a renewal notice at the end of one year ($50 per year, our prices don’t go up). If you are unhappy with our service, you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Registered Agents of California, we guarantee satisfaction with our service. If you are not happy with our service, you may cancel at any time. We never charge cancellation fees. We hope that you will always contact us and allow us the opportunity to fix any mistakes on our part. We believe that when the customer is unhappy, then we have fallen short and will always work harder to make things right.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Gimmicks
  • No “Introductory Prices”
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Many of our prospective clients take one look at our prices and think they sound too good to be true. We get emails everyday asking: what’s the catch?

Our prices represent our simple business philosophy: put the customer first and don’t pad the margins with hidden fees.

The truth is that the competition is generally overcharging you to setup a California LLC and provide you with everything you need. Services that the competition charges you an arm and a leg for, we provide at more reasonable prices (in some cases for free).

Let’s look at a few examples:

Custom Business Documents

Incorporation companies offer business documents like Operating Agreements, Resolutions and Membership Certificates that help you organize and structure your new California LLC.

A California Business Address

Don’t sacrifice your privacy. We provide a California business address for your formation documents so that you can keep your own address off the public record.

The Competition

Our competitors charge anywhere from $50 to $75 per document. That’s ridiculous. These are standard templates that take little time to prepare and can be printed cheaply.

Registered Agents of California

We provide these important California LLC documents to you for FREE when you sign up.

$50 Registered Agent Service

Incorporation companies include registered agent service in their formation packages. Every California LLC is required to appoint a registered agent to accept service of process.

The Competition

Our competitors lure in clients with promises of a “free” year of registered service or $49 service. In reality, this is an introductory price, and next year you get hit with a service fee between $150 and $300.

Registered Agents of California

Our registered agent service fee is $50 per year. That’s it. Our price doesn’t go up year to year. We don’t charge “per-document” fees, and we don’t have an “overload” fee when the amount of service of process we receive on your behalf reaches a certain limit.

No Third Party Outsourcing

Incorporation companies provide a range of services: setup a California LLC, registered agent compliance service, etc.

The Competition

Our competitors are mostly large national conglomerates. To provide these services, they outsource the work to local law firms and accounting agencies. For these organizations, your business is little more than minor line-item on their quarterly accounting. In addition, our competition must charge higher rates in order to pay both their employees and the third-parties they hire.

Registered Agents of California

We are a local California office. We handle all of our own filings and registered agent services from our registered office. This allows us to keep costs down and to manage the quality of our service from beginning to end. We never outsource to anyone else.

Not Sure If an LLC is Right for You?

LLCs have a number of advantages, especially for small business owners. Let’s look at a few of them:

Fewer Formalities

LLCs have far fewer corporate formalities when compared to corporations. There is no Board of Directors, no corporate officers, no annual shareholder meetings, and fewer financial reporting requirements. For ease of management, no entity is as appealing as the California LLC (you can even form a single-member LLC).

Flexible Taxation

LLCs are a “pass-through” entity, which means that LLC members pay California LLC taxes on their profits when they file their personal income tax returns. The LLC itself does not pay any taxes (although there is a Franchise Tax that all California businesses must pay each year). A corporation, on the other hand, must pay taxes on an entity level, and then pay taxes again on all distributions to shareholders.

Simple Maintenance

LLCs in California must file a Statement of Information every two years (corporations must file every year). The fee is only $20, one of the lowest maintenance fees in the country. There is an $800 Franchise Tax fee that must be paid every year (all California companies must pay this fee). There are no other maintenance requirements for LLCs.

What About Those Free Business Docs?

At Registered Agents of California, after we setup a California LLC, we provide all of our clients with FREE custom business documents when they order our formation service. Other formation companies charge between $50 and $75 per document.

Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is the document which determines the ownership and management of your California LLC. This is an internal document written by your members. It is not filed with any government agency.

Your Operating Agreement lists the names and addresses of your members, the initial capital contribution each member made to the company, their ownership percentages, as well as their rights and responsibilities. The Agreement should also address how ownership can be bought and sold, and how you can dissolve your LLC.

The Operating Agreement also lays out broad management structure: your initial managers and their rights and responsibilities. How meetings will be conducted, as well as when and where, should all be included.

LLC Resolutions

After you start a California LLC, you can write resolutions authorizing your company or specific members to engage in a particular action on behalf of your business. For example, you may write a resolution authorizing one of your members to open credit accounts at a local bank. Or you may write a resolution authorizing the purchase of property by your LLC.

Membership Certificates

After you setup a California LLC, you must issue member certificates, which are evidence of ownership in your company. Each member receives a certificate with the name of the company, the name of the member, the member’s ownership share, and any other information your members deem necessary.

Meeting Minutes

Your LLC will hold member meetings throughout the year. It is crucial that an official record of these meetings is kept, especially whenever your members are called upon to pass a vote. Minutes are official records kept by your Secretary.

Still Have Questions?

Starting a California LLC is a major undertaking. It shouldn’t be done lightly. If you still have questions, please feel free to give our California business experts a call, or send us an email. We check all of our emails the same day they arrive, and if we are busy and cannot answer your call, please leave us a message. We call back within one business day.