California Business Address

At California Registered Agent, we love taking something frustrating and confusing – like filing the paperwork to incorporate in California or form a California LLC – and making it easy.

If you don’t work in a traditional office setting, knowing what to list as your California business address on your filings can be confusing. That’s why we provide a free business address to anyone who hires us.

Why use our California business address?

Can you use your home address as your business address? How hard is it to change your business address in California? Will using our business address help you gain an edge over competitors? Below is a rundown of why you might want to use our California business address.

You don’t work in an office or commercial building.

Times have changed. People start businesses from all sorts of places. Garages turned shops. Sleek co-working spaces. A sunny table at your favorite coffee shop. It’s a great way to keep costs down, especially when you’re starting out. But that means that when you get to the business address requirement on the California articles of organization or formation, you might be stumped.

Should you just list your home address? You might be able to, if your local zoning regulations and HOA rules don’t prohibit running a business out of your home. But we don’t recommend it.

If you’re going to start an LLC in California or start a California corporation, you should protect your address by using ours.

You want privacy.

The business address you provide to the California Secretary of State when you form your business will become part of the public record. This means that if you list your home address, it will be posted on the California Secretary of State’s website. The idea that anyone – customers, clients, total strangers – can look up where you live is enough to make most people uncomfortable.

Using our California business address is an easy way to preserve your privacy.

You hate junk mail.

The address you list on your state filings becomes public information. That means other businesses and salespeople can easily find your address online, and you can expect to get junk mail—and nobody likes junk mail. But when you hire us, you can list our address in place of yours for FREE and avoid much of this headache. Many of our customers say this perk alone is worth the yearly cost of our registered agent service.

You’re busy. Too busy for extra paperwork.

If you list your home address on your California articles of organization or formation, and then you move, you’ll have to update the California Secretary of State on your new business address. To change your business address in California, you’ll have to file a Statement of Information. It’s just one more thing you’ll have to add to your moving to-do list. Hire us, and you can move as many times as you want and you’ll only have to file the Statement of Information during your filing period.

Hire Us and Get Your California Business Address!