California Virtual Office

California Virtual Office
You can do 95% of the work without an office space—the problem is that the remaining 5% is essential!

A California Virtual office establishes your business legitimacy and stability without the hefty price tag of a physical office space. If you work from home and don’t need a physical office space, your business still needs an office address, land-line, and an office lease.

Virtual Office with Registered Agents of California solves this dilemma.

Set Up Your California Virtual Office
Free Mail Forwarding
Basic Mail Forwarding
Premium Mail Forwarding
Virtual Office
Usable Business Address
Secure Online Account
Junk Mail Filtering
Business Phone Service
Free 90-Day Trial
Free 90-Day Trial
Free 90-Day Trial
Dedicated Suite Number
California Office Lease
Same-Day Mail Scans
3 documents
+10 more documents
+25 more documents
Board Room Rental Options
Free for Clients
$49 / year
$99 / year
$19 / month

Why a Virtual Office?

There’s a lot of good reasons to use a virtual office. And there are no shortage of companies offering virtual office services. But they’re not all the same. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for California Virtual Office services with the  Registered Agents of California.


There are lots of circumstances where you want the whole world to know where your place of business is. But there are others where you don’t. We think of privacy as a fundamental value. You don’t have to explain it to us. As your registered agent, we keep your address off public documents. But the unique address you get with Virtual Office allows you to use it on business cards, for all of your accounts, bank loans, promotional material, you name it. That way you don’t have to use your home address for anything.

Tangible Proof

Speaking of bank loans, financial institutions often want to see tangible proof that you lease an office. Virtual Office provides that tangible proof without locking you into a contract. It’s the most cost-effective way to secure a lease without having to be tied to a physical space and the year-to-year rent increases.


The other good thing about using our permanent business address? It’s permanent. That means you’re not subject to the whims of jacked up rent and utility bills. This allows your business to project stability over the years because you won’t constantly have to update your address and business line.


When you use our Virtual Office Service you don’t have to be at home to get your mail. You can view and download all of your important documents from your phone, from anywhere. If we scan something that you want forwarded in physical form, it’s easy to select it and we’ll send it along.


Virtual Office gives you a professional, local address and all the essentials of a local office, without the high price tag. And it doesn’t spread you thinner than you already are, it consolidates your business by combining your registered agent and business address services into one provider.

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