About Us

At Registered Agents of California, Our Mission is
to Always Provide the Best Value to Our Clients

How Do We Provide the Best Value?

  1. Commitment to Reasonable Market-Based Pricing

    When we opened Californiaregisteredagent.com in 2006, there were three options for hiring a registered agent:
    Option A: Hire one of two 1,000+ employee conglomerates for about $2-300 a year.

    Option B: Hire a company started by former employees of the aforementioned companies at a starting price of $129 and get bombarded with relentless calls and up-sells.

    Option C: Hire some websites charging $99 and pay extra fees later if they actually do anything for you.

    We determined we could provide the best value to our clients by charging $99/year and including overnight delivery of your documents, an online dashboard, and never charging a fee to mail you an invoice.

    As the market got more competitive and the internet exploded, we gradually lowered our prices from $75 to $65 to $50 a year. Many other businesses over ten years old were busy figuring out how to raise their rates, while we consistently worked on providing the highest level of services at the very best rate. We wanted to create the best value for your dollars spent hiring a registered agent in California.

  2. Commitment to Real Value in Formation Services

    In 2006, most of our LLC or corporation formation work came from lawyers asking us to walk a filing into the Secretary of State’s office to get it processed fast. The big, famous website (you know the one — celebrity lawyers and a 40 million dollar a year marketing budget) wasn’t that famous yet, but in our little industry, they dominated the game. Knockoffs followed, and your only options for LLC or corporate filing service back then were:

    Option A: Hire a lawyer. Call a few lawyers, wait a few weeks to get a call back, schedule a meeting in another few weeks, wait a few more weeks, get some legal advice and a nicely buttoned-up corporate book and filed articles of organization or formation for about $1,500 to $3,000.

    Option B: Hire the big, famous website for $149. But somehow, after spending half an hour working through their signup form, your final bill has mysteriously turned into anywhere from $800 to $1,400. It probably takes a month to get your company formed.

    Option C: Hire a knockoff website for a little less than the famous one. It’s cheap, but it has way less customer service, sophistication, and stability. This company plans to make money primarily by selling your contact information to anyone and everyone who was willing to pay for a lead.

    We believe Registered Agents of California is and always has been the best value in company formation services.

    We charge $50 and we file your company the same day (no need to pay us extra to expedite), we email your documents the same day we get them back (no need to pay $30 for shipping), and we don’t need to sell you a corporate kit because we include all the mission critical private documents you’d get in a corporate kit for free with all our business formation filings. We’re committed to being the best value and actually helping you when it’s time for you to start a new business.

  3. We Value Your Time

    Are you still reading this? If so, we’re sorry! We’ll try to button it up here for you. When you place an order, we put a lot of effort into our on-boarding process. We take you through our signup form quickly. We don’t bug you unless we absolutely need to bug you about mission critical items of importance for your business.

    We know what it’s like to spend days researching a service online, finally deciding to pull the trigger, filling out the signup form, putting in our credit card information, and then getting sent to a “Thank You” page and thinking, “Okay, what now?!” Maybe you pick up the phone and call and up on hold for an hour or send an email that goes unanswered.

    Never at California Registered Agent. Call us, and an expert will answer the phone, ready to help.

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