About Us

At Registered Agents of California, Our Mission is
to Always Provide the Best Value to Our Clients

How Do We Provide the Best Value?

  1. Commitment to Reasonable Market-Based Pricing

    When we registered californiaregisteredagent.com in 2006, The options for hiring a registered agent service were as follows:
    Option A: Hire one of two 1000+ employee conglomerates for about $2-300 a year.

    Option B: Hire the company some of those employees started for $129 + a bunch of up sells to really get what you needed + a call center blasting you with relentless up sells.

    Option C: Hire some websites charging $99 + extra fees later if they did anything for you.

    We determined we could provide the best value to our clients by charging $99 and including overnight delivery of your documents, an online dashboard, and never charging a fee to mail you an invoice.

    As the market got more competitive and the internet exploded; we’ve lowered our pricing from $75, to $65, and ultimately to $50 a year. Many businesses over 10+ years would figure out how to raise their rates, while we consistently work on providing the highest level of services at a very reasonable rate, thus creating the best value for your dollars spent hiring a registered agent in California.

  2. Commitment to Real Value in Formation Services

    In 2006, a majority of our company formation work came from lawyers needing us to walk a filing into the Secretary of State in order to process filings fast. The big famous website wasn’t really that famous yet, but in our little industry they created a massive firestorm. The famous website with celebrity lawyers you now hear on the radio, see on TV, and see just about everywhere because of a 40 million dollar + a year marketing budget would soon leave a lasting legacy of how you purchase corporate filings online. They perfected the marketing and the up sell. Many knockoffs were created and when forming a company in California your options were as follows:

    Option A: Hire a lawyer. You would call a few lawyers and wait a few weeks to get a call back, schedule a meeting in a few weeks, wait a few more weeks and a lawyer would provide you with legal advice and a nicely buttoned up corporate book and filed articles for about $1500-$3000.

    Option B: Hire the big famous website for $149 which miraculously turns into $800-$1400 by the time you spend a half hour working through their signup form and will probably take about a month.

    Option C: Hire a knockoff website for a little less that the famous one, with way less customer service, sophistication, or stability, whose business model was primarily selling your contact details to anyone and everyone that would pay them for the lead.

    Our goal was to create the best value in company formation services. Even as recent as a few years ago, it was very commonplace to provide a client with a CD of massive checklists and to-do lists after we got the client the filed formation documents. There might even be some word templates on there for you to hope will align with your version of word and maybe you know how to get through the template and fill it out properly. Most people still pay $1-200 for a filing, plus a lot of extras like corporate kits, mailing fees, expedited fees, etc.

    We believe Registered Agents of California is and always has been the best value in company formation services.

    We charge $50 and we file your company the same day (no need to pay us extra to expedite), we email your documents the same day we get them back (no need to pay $30 for shipping), and we don’t need to sell you a corporate kit because we include all the mission critical private documents you’d get in a corporate kit for free with all our business formation filings. Our commitment to being the best value when you want to start a new business is strong. We’re constantly working on the forms and documents we provide our clients to be a real help as they start their businesses.

  3. We Value Your Time

    Are you still reading this? If so; we’re sorry… We’ll try to button it up here for you. When you place an order, we put a lot of effort into our on-boarding process; taking you through our forms quickly. We put a lot of effort into not bugging you and only bugging you about mission critical items of importance for your business.

    How many times have you spent days researching something online, finally pulled the trigger, went through a signup form, put in your credit card information only to get a thank you page, saying… something like “Thank you”. And you’re like “Now What?!!” You pick up the phone and call, or maybe you got a worthless thank you email and you respond to that and you wait…

    You should never have that experience at RAC. When you place an order here:

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You should always get what you need done and on your way instantly.