Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policies

Terms and Conditions

All applicable laws of California govern Registered Agents of California and any agreements entered into with Registered Agents of California.

Below, “We” refers to Registered Agents of California, and “You” refers to the client.

Services Not Provided

Registered Agents of California does not provide legal or tax advice. Information expressed on this website or by employees of Registered Agents of California should not be construed as the expert of opinion of a lawyer, CPA or business attorney.

Registered Agent Services

Hiring Registered Agents of California for registered agent service constitutes a legal agreement. The services We guarantee to provide are as follows:

  • Acceptance of service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of your business
  • Forwarding of service of process and legal correspondence to your company’s designated communications agent (based upon the contact information You provide)
  • Meeting all applicable California state legal requirements for registered agents

As part of this agreement, You guarantee to provide:

  • All information required by California law for the listing and contacting of your business’s owners or managers
  • Any and all information required by Registered Agents of California to contact your company’s owners or managers

If You provide inaccurate, misleading or false information to Registered Agents of California, then We reserve the right to resign as your registered agent effective immediately.

All information gathered by Registered Agents of California will not be sold or shared to third-parties for the purpose of data mining, nor will the information gathered be released to any government agency or representative unless We are required or compelled by state law to disclose this information.

Company Formation & Other Services

When hired to do so, Registered Agents of California will prepare and submit the proper formation documents to California Secretary of State in accordance with state and federal laws. In doing so, We guarantee to provide:

  • Properly prepared state documents
  • State documents filled with the correct information You have provided by signing up for service
  • Legal role of organizer/incorporator for You and Your business

Registered Agents of California does not guarantee that no mistakes will be made, however, any errors on our part will be corrected free of charge.

When hiring Registered Agents of California to to perform company formation or other filing services, You guarantee:

  • To provide any and all necessary information for completing and submitting the proper filing
  • That all information provided is accurate and correct
  • That no information provided is misleading, inaccurate or incorrect


Registered Agents of California’s liability, financial or otherwise, is limited to the fess paid to Registered Agents of California upon successful order of service.


State filing fees are paid to the State of California and are non-refundable. When ordering any service from Registered Agents of California the requires a state fee be paid, You agree that the state fee is non-refundable.

Cancellations of registered agent service must be issued within 24-hours of time-of-order in order to be eligible for refund. After 24-hours past time-of-order, no refund will be issued.

Additional Fees

Fees posted below are not normal fees and address specific issues:

Returned Check Fee $35
Insufficient Funds Fee $35
Late Fee $35
Resignation of Agent Fee $45
Disputed Charges * $175
Filing Forward/Change of Address w/USPS ** $3500

* Chargebacks effect our credit score. Please call us to work something out prior to disputing a charge.

** Filing documents with the US Postal Service using Registered Agents of California’s address (effectively trying to use our address in a manor we do not consent to) is not legal and We take this very seriously.

Privacy Policy

Registered Agents of California maintains the highest industry security standards and implements a variety of security measures in the effort to protect client data, both personal and non-personal, against loss, theft, misuse and alteration.

Data of Minors Under 13-Years-Old

Registered Agents of California does not under any circumstances knowingly or willingly enter into contracts, accept monetary payment, or solicit and collect information from juvenile minors under the age of thirteen.

Minors under the age of thirteen are prohibited from providing personal information to Registered Agents of California, either through the use of this website or by any other means.

Should Registered Agents of California become aware that a minor under the age of thirteen has provided information or entered into any contract with Registered Agents of California, all data collected will be removed and any contract or agreement immediately terminated.

What Data We Collect

Personal, Financial and Business Data

All personal, financial and business data collected by Registered Agents of California is solicited openly and without coercion. All information collected is done by You inputing information into signup forms and is necessary for the transaction of business between You and Registered Agents of California.

Personal, financial and business data collected through this website is collected for the sole purpose of providing products and services ordered by You.

Personal, financial and business data is never repackaged, sold, auctioned, or distributed in any way to third-parties, agencies, entities, vendors or individuals unless required by law or for the purpose of billing.

Personal data is personally identifying information: your name, address, email, phone number, etc.

Financial data is credit card and debit card numbers, expiration dates, and codes necessary to process payments for services and products.

Business data is information that identifies your company: the name of your business, its principle address, the names of business members/shareholders/managers, phone numbers of your business and its members/shareholders/managers, and other related information that is collected to fulfill the statutory requirements laid out by the State of California.

You are under no obligation to provide personal, financial or business data to Registered Agents of California. However, without such data We cannot fulfill the services or provide the products available on this website. No contract can be entered upon between You and Registered Agents of California without the provision of this data.

Non-Personal Data

This website utilizes cookies to track the preferences of all users and visitors and to improve the experience and functionality of this website. Cookies are not utilized to collect personal, financial or business information.

You are under no obligation to enable cookies on your web browser when visiting this website. However, disabling cookies may result in an inability to process transactions ordered by You.

How Collected Data is Used

All data collected by Registered Agents of California, whether personal, financial, business or non-personal, is collected for the sole purpose of providing You with services and products offered on this website.

Collected data may also be used to provide You with updates and notifications regarding the services You have purchased on this site, including expiration and renewal notices.

Collected data may also be used to fulfill the obligations arising from contracts entered into by You and Registered Agents of California, including the provision of registered agent service on behalf of Your company or companies.

Non-personal data collected may be used to improve the experience of other users, visitors and customers of this website as deemed necessary by Registered Agents of California.

Changes of Policy

From time to time, as We see fit, Registered Agents of California may change the policies above. Registered Agents of California is under no obligation to notify users, visitors, or clients about changes in policy.

It is under the discretion of Registered Agents of California to determine whether or not current customers should be notified of any changes of policy. If it is deemed necessary, We will contact current customers and inform them of those changes.