California Corporate Disclosure Statement

A Corporate Disclosure Statement must be filed every year by all publicly-traded domestic and foreign corporations registered in California (private corporations are not required to file).

A Corporate Disclosure Statement lists various information, including (but not limited to): names of independent auditors and the services they performed, names of directors as well as their compensation, names of executive officers and their compensation levels, any and all loans to directors of the board, and other financial information.

Due Date for Corporate Disclosure Statement

The Corporate Disclosure Statement (Form SI-PT) must be filed annually within 150 days of the end of the corporation’s fiscal year.

How to File the Form SI-PT

The Corporate Disclosure Statement (Form SI-PT) can be viewed and filled out online, but it must be printed and submitted to the Secretary of State.

There is no filing fee.

Mail To:

Secretary of State
Statement of Information Unit
PO Box 944230
Sacramento, CA 94244-2300

In-Person Delivery:

1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

What Is Listed on the Corporate Disclosure Statement?

  1. Corporate Name

    The California corporation name must be listed exactly as it appears on your Articles of Incorporation.

  2. Independent Auditor

    The name of the independent auditor that prepared the most recent auditor’s report. The services the independent auditor supplied. If different from the auditor already listed, the name of the current independent auditor employed by the corporation.

  3. Directors and Officers

    The names, compensation, shares of stock, and options of all directors and executive officers (including the CEO). In addition, you must also list (by checking YES or NO) whether or not any directors or officers have been involved in either Bankruptcy or Fraud.

  4. Loans to Directors

    The names of any directors that have received loans from the corporation, as well as the amount of the loans and the terms of the loans.

  5. Statutory Disclosures

    Answer YES/NO to the following questions:

    A) Has an order for relief been entered in a bankruptcy case with respect to the corporation during the preceding 10 years?

    B) Has the corporation or any of its subsidiaries been a party to, or any of their property been subject to, any material pending legal proceedings, as specified by Item 103, Part 229 of SEC Regulation S-K?

    C) Has the corporation been found legally liable in any material legal proceeding during the preceding 5 years?