How to Amend Articles of Organization in California

To make a change to your California LLC Articles of Organization, you have two options: you can amend your Articles, or you can restate your Articles. Either way, the effect is essentially the same, although there is a subtle difference.

When you amend your Articles of Organization, the public record will show your original Articles of Organization and the amendment.

When you restate your Articles, your original California Articles of Organization will be completely replaced by the Restated Articles.

What Can Be Amended and Restated

Whether you file an amendment or a restatement, the information you can change is the same. In fact, while the Secretary of State has technically listed two separate forms, the only difference is the name and the filing number. The actual forms themselves are exactly the same.

You may change:

  • The name of your California LLC
  • The management type
  • Your LLC business address

It is not possible to change your California registered agent information by filing an amendment or restatement. To change your California registered agent, you must file a Statement of Information.

Forms and Fees

Filing Form Fee
Restate Articles of Organization (LLC-10) $30 (additional $15 for walk in)
Amendment to Articles of Organization (LLC-2) $30 (additional $15 for walk in)

Don’t forget to fill out and include the Mail Submission Cover Sheet attached to the back of each filing form. This form is used to communicate with you concerning any issues with your submission.

Mailing Address:

Secretary of State
Business Entities
PO Box 944228
Sacramento, CA 94244-2280


Secretary of State
1500 11th Street
3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814